HouseMade: the Hurst House Heater Helpmate

HouseMade thinks it is currently Thu Jul 24 14:13:35 2014 now

Currently no circuits are on.

Sunrise/Sunset times are not yet available. You might want to see what rain is happening in melbourne.


Outside it is 14.7C and 51% humid. See the current heating programme.

It is currently 18.0C and 45% humid inside. The heating is aiming for C.

Temperature Extremes on the outside:
maximum=13.7 at 15:15 maximum=47.5 at 07:31
minimum=5.2 at 08:00 minimum=6.9 at 04:38

House Temperatures Water Tank Level Solar Generation

Water supply

The rain water tank is currently at 4087.9l(/4500l) = 90.8%.

Unused0 0
Unused1 1
Unused2 2
TopUp 3
BottomVegBed 4
MiddleVegBed 5
TopVegBed 6
CarportVegBed 7
RainForest 8
Woo2Plas 9
FloodNDrain 10
Heating 11

Currently no circuits are on.

Solar power

We are getting 22.8A into our 26.9V batteries for a total power output of 613.3W, or about 45.6% of maximum rated power.

Today we've had 42Ah in (1159Whr=4.2MJ) and 0Ah out.

Detailed log

Check on the hardware status