Dual Boot Ubuntu with Windows

Changes to Windows

(to be completed)

Bringing Ubuntu Up To Speed


  1. add new computer name (everton) to all /etc/hosts files that may need to talk to the new machine
  2. run mkremlog.sh ajh@everton on all remote machines
  3. update and copy over .bash_profile, .bashrc
  4. update colour entries in ~/Computers/Sources/Setup/colours.xlp

Software to install

See also The Ubuntu Page

  1. exiv2
  2. lizardfs-client
  3. firefox
  4. make
  5. python2 and 3, including python3-tables
  6. tex (install texlive-full)
  7. vlc
  8. xsltproc
  9. zoom
  10. dateutil (python3 -m pip install python-dateutil)



Depending how you got to this stage, the hostname might need fixing. To do this, simply edit (as superuser) the file /etc/hostname to the correct value.

          # vi /etc/hostname


load basic files from backup. These should include:



install sshd


Install my preferred editor Emacs

          # apt-get install emacs


Install the web server Apache

          # apt-get install apache

Enable the actions, cgid and userdir modifications.

          # a2enmod actions cgid userdir

In the file userdir.conf, change the <Directory /home/*/public_html> line containing AllowOverride to be just AllowOverride All

You also need to add index.xml into the DirectoryIndex list in the same file.

install the XSLTPROC package

# apt-get install xsltproc

Assuming all the relevant files have been copied across from backup, you should now be able to access the web server from a browser.


  1. Apache2 does not enable user directories automatically. To do this, you need to install the userdir mod (above).
  2. Because I also run a cgi script driven by special instructions in the .htaccess file to perform the XML to HTML translation, I also must install the actions and cgid modifications. The latter, in particular, gives very cryptic error messages - simply saying that it cannot find the requested file.
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