0 1 1@l24 mead Honey None 2016 1 1@i15 dessert riesling dessert wine with creme brulee for David and Beths wedding anniversary. Very nice! None 2016 2 2@l25-26 fortified cerise None 2015 0 0@NONE red cabernet merlot 2016 1 1@a13 red shiraz 2013 1 1@UNKNOWN red shiraz None 2015 5 5@W47 red shiraz 0 1 1@W47 fortified muscat None 2016 6 6@c21-26 rose pinot noir None 2008 1 1@i19 dessert fortified merlot None 2009 3 3@W20 red merlot 2015 6 6@f16-20 red montepulciano 35 2016 2 1@d21,1@fridge sparkling pinot noir Barbara birthday party pale pink colour, good yeasty nose, delicate strawberry flavour, finishing well None 2018 2 1@d22,1@g14 sparkling pinot noir sparking 0 10 2@d09-10,4@j17-20,2@h19-20,2@l27-28 sparkling shiraz Christmas Dinner 18.00 0 1 1@W47 fortified tawny None 0 0 0@NONE fortified muscat None 1998 0 0@NONE red shiraz deep red colour, intense plummy flavours, mild wood and dry finish. Half a bottle went into a beef stew, and very nice it was! None 2008 4 4@b05-08 white sauvignon blanc None 2005 1 1@f13 red bordeaux 2005 2 1@f14,1@c17 red bordeaux None 2007 2 2@a10-11 red shiraz dark colour, blackcurrant nose, deep intense fruit, dry finish with strong tannins and subtle wood None 2010 2 1@cellar east,1@W16 white chardonnay 2005 4 1@a03,2@e01-02,1@f02 white chenin blanc None 2013 1 1@W49 white sauvignon blanc 2015 8 3@a18-20,3@b18-20,2@c18-19 red Mouvedre in isolation: straight red colour, mild nose, full bodied palate with blackcurrant flavours, soft wood and mild tannins, firm finish. 11.25 2011 0 0@nowhere white semillon first isolation dinner: light colour, slightly floral nose, soft grape and citrus flavours, mild acid, crisp dry finish, drinking well. None 2013 1 1@h25 white chardonnay None 2014 0 0@NONE white chardonnay green-yellow colour, clean dry lemon and citrus flavours, mild acid and wood on the finish. None 2014 1 1@a06 white verdelho 2016 12 4@a26-29,3@b27-29,1@W47,4@dining rose Pink Bay nice dry finish None 2017 8 8@e10-17 rose rose on deck for the cure, sunny, well drained, and perfectly dry. light red colour, shirazy nose, full soft strawberry flavours, slightly spritzy, pleasant and balanced tannins and acid. None 0 1 1@fridge sparkling shiraz None 2009 6 2@cellar,4@W20 white riesling 2007 0 0@NONE red shiraz deep red colour, soft chocolatey nose, smooth sweet full round palate, clean and mild finish, light wood (somewhat influenced by drinking it after a spicy italian sausage) 2008 5 5@cellar white verdelho 2011 1 1@i18 dessert botrytis 2012 5 3@c27-29,1@i26,1@j26 rose pinot rose None 2012 7 7@e22-28 white riesling None 2008 1 1@b04 white sauvignon blanc None 2013 5 5@i03-07 white riesling None 2015 5 5@j01-05 white riesling None 2004 1 1@W45 white chardonnay intense gold colour, light nose, smooth deep palate, a bit of oxidation, aromatic finish None 2008 0 0@nowhere red pinot noir None 2013 1 1@dining white None None 2013 0 0@nowhere white pinot gris None 2014 0 0@NONE white semillon slight spritzig, very light colour, strong herbaceous nose, light palate, some sweetness on the finish. Not that exciting. None 2004 0 0@nowhere red cabernet sauvignon None 2007 4 4@i09-12 red cabernet merlot dark red colour, pepperminty nose, intense smooth leathery palate, overtones of plum and cherry, lingering finish with well balanced tannin. None 2008 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 1981 1 1@f15 fortified port None 2000 0 0@NONE red cabernet sauvignon merlot 2004 4 4@b11-14 red cabernet sauvignon None 2005 0 0@nowhere red cabernet sauvignon None 2007 4 2@j27-28,2@k27-28 red cabernet sauvignon None 2007 9 2@i27-28,2@W50,5@c09-13 red shiraz very dark colour, dumb nose, bright tangy front palate, good acid, plum and cherry flavours, subtle wood, with lengthy finish. at Bunneys. Very solid, deep and earthy with intense flavours and long finish. None 2007 1 1@a17 red cabernet sauvignon 2007 0 0@NONE red shiraz 2009 0 0@NONE red grenache 2014 0 0@nowhere rose rose at Healesville, very pleasant dry wine, perhaps lacking a little fruit? None 2018 1 1@f11 red pinot noir gift 2017 1 1@i13 red cabernet sauvignon gift 2017 0 0@nowhere rose rose New Year's Eve party at McMillans. Nice and dry. None 2012 1 1@dining red cabernet sauvignon None 0 5 4@b21-24,1@fridge sparkling pinot noir et al mild yeasty nose, good mousse, apple overtones of fruit, clean dry finish 35.00 2010 6 6@W23 red merlot 35.00 2012 1 1@a09 red cabernet merlot At Wangaratta Painter Island Caravan Park, clean red colour, earthy nose, plum flavours and lengthening finish. All agreed it was good! 0.00 0 0 0@nowhere fortified port 30.00 0 0 0@nowhere fortified muscat 35.00 2014 4 4@f21-24 rose grenache rose None 2004 1 1@W49 red shiraz 2006 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 0 1 1@l23 cider apple None 2005 1 1@W49 red shiraz 0 1 1@j16 sparkling shiraz None 2011 2 1@cellar east,1@W16 white chardonnay 2004 4 4@W45 white viognier None 2011 1 1@e09 red cabernet sauvignon None 2011 2 2@d18-19 red shiraz dark red colour, intense shirazy nose, big fruit with flavours of plum and blackcurrant, strong tannins and well balanced acid. heavyindex 7, dryindex 8. bright red colour, musty tannin nose,clean fruity palate, blackberry and cherry flavours, very clean smooth tannin finish. isolation day 7: dark red colour, earthy nose, soft smooth palate rounding out with cassis flavours, mellow wood, focussed tannins, and balanced acid. None 0 1 1@g27 sparkling shiraz None 2006 0 0@nowhere red shiraz deep red colour, smooth nose, rich blackcurrant flavours, smooth finish with good balance of wood and tannins None 2011 0 0@NONE red shiraz 2012 6 6@g21-26 white chardonnay 2004 0 0@NONE white chardonnay None 1998 2 2@f09-10 red shiraz None 2013 1 1@fridge white chardonnay None 2004 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 2002 4 4@W34 white sauviggnon blanc Light colour, slightly musty nose (cork taint?), light herbaceous flavours, rather thin body but acid still keen, which saves the finish somewhat. None 2005 5 1@j07,1@d27,3@h21-23 white arneis None 2007 1 1@cellar red shiraz Deep nose, intense dark colour, matched by intense blackberry and plum flavours, rich fruity finish. None 2008 1 1@cellar white chardonnay 2008 2 2@c04-05 white chardonnay viognier light yellow colour, mild herbaceous nose, light palate, citrus flavours, dry finish None 2017 2 1@h18,1@g20 sparkling shiraz Barb Mermaids 27.20 2017 12 12@W12 red pinot noir 29.75 2017 5 5@dining white riesling Purple Hen 2017 Riesling: pale yellow colour, soft rose petal nose, semi-sweet flavours with kiwi fruit overtones and hints of peaches, full satisfying palate that finishes with a delicate, non-cloying fruit and mild acid. None 2017 3 3@W18 red shiraz 2017 9 9@W02 red shiraz 25.44 2017 6 6@W03 sparkling shiraz 27.20 2018 3 3@W18 white sauvignon blanc 2006 0 0@NOWHERE red None reddy purple colour, woody nose, soft fruit, rich blackcurrant flavours, balanced with delicate wood flavours, and lingering finish None 2013 1 1@i17 dessert icewine cabernet sauvignon 39.99 (Canadian) 2012 2 1@cellar east,1@W16 white chardonnay 1983 0 0@NONE white fume blanc light yellow colour, soft slightly fruity nose, clean dry palate with full acid and slight wood. crisp and light in style. 1994 0 0@nowhere white semillon cork completely shattered on opening. Very golden colour, slightly corky nose (!), but wine itself was still drinkable, with some vestiges of varietal Hunter semillon, finishing with firm round notes. None 1996 0 0@NONE white chardonnay None 1999 1 1@d06 white semillon 2000 1 1@f03 white chardonnay None 2000 1 1@dining white chardonnay None 2000 0 0@nowhere red shiraz strong red colour with hint of orange, mild yet clear expected nose, gentle shiraz fruit, with sweet overtones and full deep finish. None 2000 1 1@W34 white verdelho None 2000 1 1@W45 white chardonnay None 2001 0 0@nowhere white verdelho light gold colour, mild nose, soft tropical flavours, good acid although a little oxidised, dry and intense finish. H 4, D 4. None 2001 1 1@W31 white semillon None 2001 1 1@W34 white semillon None 2002 3 3@i21-23 white chardonnay None 2002 3 2@W45,1@d07 white semillon None 2002 3 3@j21-23 white semillon None 2003 0 0@nowhere white chardonnay a bit over the hill. Nice golden colour, though. None 2003 2 1@i24,1@dining white verdelho opened to put into red thai curry, for which it done good. Drinking is OK, but fair bit of oxidation. Varietal flavour still evident. Cork was a problem. None 2003 1 1@j24 white Riesling None 2003 0 0@NONE white Semillon Christmas Dinner 2003 7 7@h01-07 white Verdelho Christmas Dinner None 2004 1 1@d08 white Chardonnay 2004 0 0@nowhere white verdelho None 2004 1 1@W31 white Viognier None 2004 1 1@W34 white Verdelho None 2004 0 0@nowhere white Semillon None 2005 1 1@l21 white chardonnay None 2005 3 3@d24-26 white Verdelho clean colour, bright nose, fresh flavour and mellow finish None 2005 0 0@NONE white Chardonnay None 2005 0 0@NONE white None clear yellow colour, fruity nose, bright melony flavours, long lingering subtle acid and gentle sweetness on the finish None 2005 2 1@b25,1@j06 white Verdelho None 2007 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 2007 2 2@b01-02 white Semillon None 2007 0 0@nowhere red shiraz deep red purple colour, leathery nose, full flavoured body, with cherry and plum flavours, dry finish with mild tannin. Very good with steak! dark red colour, leathery nose, soft rich palate with chocolate overtones and intense finish FISH dinner - went down well finished bottle, still drinking well after being open several days at Carmans 3 used as Christmas presents for Boys Lunch (including Judy) None 2007 1 1@e08 white None None 2007 1 1@c08 white None None 2007 0 0@NONE white Chardonnay domestic 2007 1 1@f04 white Rousanne None 2007 1 1@f01 white Chardonnay 2007 1 1@f05 white Chardonnay-Semillon None 2008 0 0@NONE white Chardonnay None 2008 1 1@fridge white Semillon None 2008 1 1@d05 white chardonnay 2008 0 0@NONE white Chardonnay light gold colour, slightly herbaceous nose, light dry palate, stone fruit flavours, clean dry finish None 2008 1 1@W20 white Semillon Sav Blanc 2008 1 1@cellar white Pinot Gris 2008 1 1@W20 white Riesling 2008 1 1@cellar white Traminer 2008 1 1@c06 white Verdelho None 2008 0 0@nowhere white Verdelho None 2008 1 1@c07 white Semillon 2011 1 1@W16 white chardonnay None 2011 1 1@cellar east white Chardonnay 2011 1 1@W22 white Semillon firm fruit, dry intense finish, hints of melons and kiwi fruit 2011 1 1@W22 white Chardonnay 2011 1 1@cellar east white Verdelho 2011 1 1@W16 white verdelho 2012 2 1@W16,1@cellar east white semillon None 2012 1 1@W22 white Semillon 2012 1 1@W22 white Chardonnay 2012 2 1@W16,1@table white sauvignon blanc None 2012 2 1@W16,1@cellar east white semillon sauvignon blanc None 2012 1 1@W16 white semillon sauvignon blanc 2013 1 1@i08 white Chardonnay None 2013 1 1@W22 white Semillon Sav Blanc 2013 1 1@W22 white Verdelho 2013 12 12@W05 white mixed 2012 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 2005 0 0@nowhere white chardonnay None 2007 0 0@nowhere red shiraz red orange colour, mild nose, full dry flavour with berry overtones, clean tannin finish dark red colour, intense berry nose and full flavour, subtle tannins and excellent balance with wood, lingering dry finish with increasing overtones of berries. deep red and dark orange colour (oxidation?), shirazy nose, burnt plum flavours, hints of oak, full flavours and understated tannins, finishing with some earthiness. H 7, D 6 None 2015 5 5@W19 red shiraz 25.00 2016 5 5@W21 red pinot noir 25.00 1980 0 0@NONE red shiraz dark red purple colour, shiraz nose, deep fruit rather dumb and sharp acid finish 1983 1 1@d17 fortified port None 1981 0 0@NONE white colombard light gold colour, slight sulphur nose, round fruity palate, thin acid 1999 0 0@nowhere white None this is well over the hill. Still drinkable, but only just. Severe oxidation has cut into the sweetness. much the same story. None left now, though. None 2011 1 1@W16 white chardonnay 2011 1 1@cellar east white Chardonnay 0 1 1@fridge sparkling shiraz None 2017 6 6@W09 white gewurtztraminer 2017 2 0@None,2@a04-05 white riesling domestic None 2017 1 1@e19 rose rose isolation 13: bright red-pink colour, soft shiraz nose, delightful strawberry and watermelon flavours, mild acid which adds character to the finish. None 2018 12 6@W61,6@W62 white riesling 16.50 2018 12 6@W63,6@W64 rose rose 21.00 2014 0 0@nowhere red Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Malbec blend very dark purple colour, intense cedar nose, followed by full berry and cherry flavours, overtones of cassis, beautiful wood balance and full rounded dry finish. 0 2005 0 0@nowhere white Viognier light yellow colour, fruity nose, bright citrus flavours, sharp and lingering acid finish None 2011 0 0@nowhere red pinot noir orangey red colour, sweet musky nose, light body, developing into full flavour of blackberry with some strawberry and chocolate. Finishing well with good balance of acid and tannin. H 4, D 6 None 2012 3 3@j09-11 white Chardonnay yellow colour, light herbaceous nose, stone fruit flavours with dry acid finish, little wood. light yellow colour, mild nose, floral up-front taste, broadening to peach flavours, strengthening acid, and very firm finish. None 2013 1 1@j08 white Sauvignon Blanc lemon yellow colour, kiwi fruit nose, clean citrus flavours, strong acid and dry finish Christmas Dinner None 2016 24 12@W11,12@W60 white gewurtztraminer 24.00 2017 12 12@W07 rose rose 2018 6 6@W14 red pinot noir 24.00 2002 1 1@W49 red cabernet shiraz None 0 1 1@dining fortified Touriga et al None 2009 1 1@g10 fortified port 40.00 2008 5 5@cellar white Chardonnay 2009 3 3@W20 white Pinot Grigio 1995 0 0@nowhere red None None 0 0 0@nowhere red shiraz None 1998 1 1@c16 red cabernet sauvignon None 1999 1 1@i14 red None None 2000 1 1@7Fran red shiraz 2000 1 1@table white semillon None 2001 1 1@f12 red shiraz None 2002 1 1@W49 white marsanne None 2002 3 1@l22,1@W49,1@dining white roussanne None 2003 0 0@nowhere red cabernet sauvignon very intense, lifted nose, deep red colour, intense cassis anddark cherry flavours, great balance of oak and tannin, long, heavy, dry but not flat finish. approx 45.00 2003 1 1@table red shiraz approx 45.00 2003 6 1@W25,2@c01-02,3@W47 white marsanne isolation day 5: bright gold colour, mature aged nose, slightly musty, tart grape, lemon and peach flavours, firm palate and finishes with buoyant acid None 2004 12 12@W41 white marsanne None 2004 1 1@fridge white roussanne None 2004 4 1@g28,1@b03,2@W25 white Viognier None 2005 2 2@f27-28 white marsanne clear golden colour, accentuated floral nose, clean dry palate, citrus and melon flavours, firm acid and lingering finish None 2005 1 1@f26 white Rousanne None 2005 0 0@nowhere red None very smooth, with nicely balanced tannin. None 2008 1 1@downstairs fortified port 28.75 2008 3 3@7Fran white Semillon 2009 3 1@W25,2@e06-07 white marsanne None 2009 3 3@7Fran white Semillon 2009 1 1@7Fran red shiraz 2010 4 4@W25 white marsanne None 2010 6 6@k21-26 white Semillon None 2010 2 2@c14-15 red shiraz deep colour, leathery nose, bright palate, cherry flavours, soft tannin and medium dry finish deep red colour, mild sweetness on the nose, blackcurrant flavour, and a mild sweetness also on the finish None 2011 4 4@W25 white marsanne None 2012 3 3@g11-13 rose cabernet rose red-gold colour, slighlty sweet nose, pomegranate flavours, dry crisp finish, good acid. None 2012 2 1@d16,1@fridge sparkling shiraz (Fathers Day) deep red colour, delicate mousse, rich grapey currant nose, cherry and chocolate flavours, palate cleansing fizz and a very savoury-sweet finish. None 2012 5 5@g15-19 white marsanne None 2013 3 3@e03-05 white Rousanne-Mar-Vio light lemon colour, soft nose, citrus flavours, very clean dry finish BYO for Beth evening out None 2014 5 5@d11-15 sparkling shiraz 23.35 2014 1 1@dining red Cabernet Sauvignon approx 45.00 2014 1 1@dining red shiraz approx 45.00 2014 14 9@h09-17,5@g01-05 white marsanne at Flemings, games night. Citrus flavours, good dry finish. very nice and refreshing! None 2014 4 4@d01-04 white Rousanne 2015 1 1@dining red Cabernet shiraz approx 45.00 2016 4 2@a15-16,2@b09-10 red Cabernet Sauvignon 20.50 2016 2 2@dining red shiraz good red colour dark red colour, soft nose, rich plummy with blackberry overtones, clean soft finish solid red colour, mild nose, blackcurrant and cherry flavours, dry finish with mild tannin and acid went into eggplant stew. Drinking nicely went into braised red cabbage, for David 10.95 2016 12 12@W08 white marsanne None 2016 10 5@a21-25,5@W01 red merlot very dark red colour, medium intensity nose, soft intense front palate, plum flavours, dry finish and lengthy flavours persisting. dark red colour, earthy nose, full tanning, plummy flavour, long dry finish 12.08 2016 6 3@g06-08,3@f06-08 white Roussanne excellent light gold colour, soft floral nose, light palate but interesting intensity as acid develops to give a clean dry finish. peach and stone fruit flavours. bright yellow colour, floral nose, bright and light front palate rounding out with citrusy taste, blending with a mild dry acid finish. None 2016 23 12@W54,11@dining red shiraz in isolation: dark red colour, intense shiraz nose, strong plum and dark cherry flavours, smooth lingish finish with well balanced tannins 20.50 2016 0 0@nowhere red Cabernet Sauvignon (with Sunday night roast) rich and round, plenty of fruit, cherry flavours, well balanced wood and tannins, finishing well with a subtle sweetness (although this is probably by contrast with the very dry Durif/Shiraz drunk over the same meal). approx 45.00 2017 12 12@W06 white marsanne 2017 12 12@W57 white marsanne 16.15 2018 12 12@W53 rose Grenache Mouvedre 18.85 2018 1 1@a02 white Roussanne 16.50 2018 2 2@i01-02 white Viognier 16.50 0 0 0@nowhere fortified Liqueur Muscat 28.75 2001 1 1@i20 dessert botrytis 2008 1 1@c03 white Verdelho None 2013 1 1@a08 white Sauvignon Blanc Semillon None 2014 0 0@NONE white Semillon Sav Blanc light yellow colour, mild lemon nose, soft citrus flavours and crisp dry finish 2012 1 1@cellar east white Chardonnay 1985 2 2@W45 white chardonnay None 1987 1 1@a14 red shiraz None 2007 1 1@d28 white Chardonnay None 2007 1 1@fridge white Semillon None 2009 1 1@a07 white None None 2011 1 1@h08 white None None 2012 1 1@W16 white chardonnay None 2002 4 4@j12-15 red Grantville None 2014 0 0@NONE white Sauvignon Blanc None 2001 1 1@W45 white marsanne None 2013 15 12@W13,2@b16-17,1@dining rose rose at Flemings, games night. I was a little disapointed in this. It was not quite dry enough, and lacked a bit of fruit. 10.99 2014 0 0@nowhere red merlot deep clear red colour, slight marzipan nose, soft round mouth filling palata, soft blueberry finish dark red colour. big soft palate, plum and chocolate flavours, well integrated wood, and smooth dry finish red purple colour, light plummy nose, soft sweet palate, raspberry flavours, soft finish, slightly sweet None 2014 0 0@nowhere red shiraz deep red colour, mild musky nose, good depth of flavour, plummy, excellent wood/tannin balance, and lasting dry finish with lunch. ruby red colour, excellent shiraz nose, cassis and blackberry flavour, excellent tannin finish balanced with hints of oak. None 2014 2 1@d29,1@g09 rose grenache None 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 0 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 8 6 8 8 6 6 6
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