Herewith some collected paraphrases of various bible readings. For versions of the Lord's Prayer, see The Lord's Prayer page.

Psalm 23

An Aboriginal Version

By Uncle Rev. Ron Williams (from Canberra City Uniting "Contact", v59,1)

My big fella boss up in the sky
is like the father emu.
He will always look after me
and take me to green grass,
and lead me to where
the water holes are
full and fresh all the time.
He leads me away from the
thick scrub and helps me
keep safe from the hunters,
dingoes and eagles.
At night time when I am
very lonely and sad,
I will not be afraid,
for my Father covers me
with His feathers
like a father emu.
His spear and shield
will always protect me.
My big fella boss always
gives me a good feed
in the middle of my enemies.
In hot times He makes me sit down
In a cool shade and rest.
He gives me plenty of love and care
all of my life through.
Then I will live with my big fella boss
like a father emu:
that cares for His chicks
in good country,
full of peace and safety,
for evermore and evermore.
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