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Model Railways

Photos, maps, diagrams of John's Model Railway system.

Useful Software

Java Model Railroad Interface
(From the web page) The JMRI project is building tools formodel railroad computer control. We want it to be usable to asmany people as possible, so we're building it in Java to runanywhere, and we're trying to make it independent of specifichardware systems.
The web server is here.


20200529Drawer fronts now finished
20200524Almost finished! This rather significant sub-project isnearing completion, with just four drawers to have theirfront panels inserted. You can also see the new ramp at thetop that runs down to the storage sidings drawer, documentedelsewhere.
20200517Installation of the first column of drawers in the lastsection of benching. The drawers are of different heightsand lengths to allow for clearance at the backs of thedrawers.
20200511A revised bench top to allow for increased radius curves.The old tighter radius curves were causing some problems.You can see in this photo the planned siding into thecorridor extension (towards the orange box on theleft). Also visible is the full-sized track planning paperschematic, partly laid to show where the planned tracks areto go.
20200420The first running train! A 1 minute movie of a loco entering andexiting the storage track drawer.
20200413A close-up of the locking device to ensuring that thestorage drawer tracks are aligned with the exit portal.Made from Meccano, and shown in the unlocked position.
20200408A start has been made on the framing for the final sectionof the bench top. This framing will include 9 drawersunderneath (where the bucket currently is), and a bench topto allow connection to the corridor extension (see 20200224below). In between the two benchtops will be a recessed topwith access to the storage drawer and a turntable. Thefirst column of drawers can be seen at 20200517
20200309Further progress on the third arm of the layout. Here wesee the wall panelling in place, and one of the drawerbearers (in blue) ready for the installation of the drawerslides (seen at the bottom of the photo).
20200224The shelves down the corridor part of the cellar have nowbeen installed. Note the wine racks have been moved to theend of the corridor (they were previous in shelves on theother side). The empty shelf is earmarked for storagesidings on the model railway.
20200207We have nearly completed the panelling on the third arm ofthe U-shaped layout. Building the drawers under thebaseboard remains.
20200123The first arm of the U-shaped layout is nearly finished,complete with drawers under the baseboard. The only thingremaining are the front panels to the drawers, and a smallopen strip at the rear of the baseboard. This opening isintended to allow inspection of the wall, and for ease ofcabling.
20200104The first panel is complete, along with the accompanyingdrawer. This drawer is intended to store rolling stock,hence its width and depth (1.7 x 1m).
20200103Progress has been made in constructing the new baseboard forthe revised system. The new layout will be completelydifferent, and current planning envisages a point-to-pointlayout (possibly with turning loops at ends), together with(stage 2) and upper level and spiral connecting track.

House Renovations
From Aug 2016 to Feb 2018, the house was renovated, and fromFeb 2018 to Jan 2020, the cellar was reconstructed.

20160820The site has gone off line as the railway has been dismantledfor renovations
20120620The site has been re-engineering to include signalling andsafe-working interlocking.
20101026The site has been extended to allow for persistence of routeselection.
2009Work started on designing a web page interactive controllerfor the railway.


None of this would be possible without some suppliers. Here isa list of suppliers I have used (or intend to use):

  1. Little Train Shop

John's Model Railway Version 2.4

The first model railway at this address was John's Model Railway(JMR), which went through several versions, culminating inversion 2.4. Images created as part of my link from prototyperailway pages have been moved to aseparate page, along withmiscellaneous information pertaining to that implementation.

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